DMA International, winner of the Media Innovator Awards, delivers unique corporate documentaries

United Kingdom, 2023 – Corporate Vision magazine shares the 2022 winners of the Media Innovator Awards. DMA International is proud to announce it is winner of the Media Innovator Awards – Europe, as Best Corporate Film Production Studio – Italy.

“We are very proud to receive today this important award in recognition to our hard work and satisfaction of all our clients” declared Davide Manfredi, Managing Partner of DMA International.

“Our company has a unique style in developing successful Corporate Documentaries, Advertisements and Videos. Differently from agencies or video production companies, we bring motion picture quality inside companies and they benefit from this quality with unique productions that capture the attention of wide audiences. Our marketing department studies the geographical areas our clients want to develop and we develop a targeted video production that touches the language and emotions of that specific area. Then, we have professional motion picture screenwriters that develop a unique story around our clients. Finally, our directors shoot the video and whether it is a Corporate Documentary, a TV ad or a Corporate video, we bring to life an original and enticing story, that will make our clients be remembered for years to come.”

In the words of Corporate visione magazine, “The media industry is made up of many platforms and formats that give us the ability to communicate and stay informed on a global scale. Media is enthralling and mesmerising for many reasons, and the businesses featured in this awards programme have truly charmed their audiences.

As media plays such an important and pivotal role in society, it is important to recognise those doing a stellar job within this realm. Here we unveil our 2022 winners, in all their glory, as they altar the course of the media industry.

Awards Coordinator, Stephanie Tooby, comments, “We are honoured to have had the opportunity to connect with our winners. Not only have they put in the extra work to be the best in their respective areas, but they have kept the very lifeblood of the industry flowing throughout some trying times. Congratulations!””

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