DMA International produces a documentary for Duplomatic MS of the Daikin group

The DMA International production team conceived and developed a prestigious 30-minute documentary with the collaboration of the actress Manuela Sestito and a Milanese musical quartet. The documentary, made on location at the Duplomatic MS offices, was filmed over 3 days, with the collaboration of the company management and was produced in Italian and English.

Duplomatic MS is told in the 30-minute documentary, through interviews and stories edited by

Roberto Maddalon, Paolo Leutenegger, Elena Bonenti, Cinzia Carta, Michele Masetti, Yuya Kimura, Takayuki Imamura (Daikin), Claudio Gazzaniga, Daigo Higashi (Daikin), Nicholas Scazzosi, Riccardo Cardani, Marimo Suzuki (Daikin) and Giancarlo Scagliotti, as well as Luis Felipe Linares, Fabrizio Bonaguro, Marco Amboldi and Stefano Fenzio from the Operations team of the Parabiago plant.

The video production, made by DMA International on behalf of Duplomatic MS, was directed by Davide Galimberti, was made on location at the headquarters and Italian offices of Duplomatic MS.

A quartet of Milanese music professors was involved for the occasion: Giuseppe Dinardo, flute; Letizia Oddi, Violin; Rossella Serino, Viola; Francesca Gatto, Violonello, who performed pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Makeup artist Alessia Motti

The documentary represents an innovative communication product, a corporate video monograph, able to tell in half an hour of video the story and the results achieved by Duplomatic MS from its foundation year to today, through the words of the protagonists. The documentary is built around the story of a young journalist, played by the actress Manuela Sestito, who, leafing through a book discovered out of curiosity, enters the world of Duplomatic MS and discovers its many characteristics and production areas. Duplomatic MS, a leading company in Motion Solutions, is established worldwide for its innovative production and for its ability to present itself nationally and internationally.

“The story of Duplomatic MS was born in 1952 and it is a story of men, even more than pioneers, who had a visionary idea and who knew how to act in a concrete way. The courage to believe and support an innovative path has led a local company to become a large international company, a leader in hydraulics and motion control solutions. One of these pioneers was Angelo Girola, who devised an innovative device for the automation of machine tools: the hydraulic copier. Another of these pioneers is Roberto Maddalon, who has accompanied Duplomatic since 1996 on a path of formidable growth, thanks to his vision of a global group.” This is how the documentary made by Duplomatic in 2023 narrates, an innovative and once again pioneering choice, to tell the story of the company’s growth path.