DMA International produces the video of the Adobe Bootcamp 2023 Italy in Varese

DMA International has produced the video dedicated to Bootcamp 2023 Italy, How to improve your customer’s journey.
The event took place in Varese on 28 February and 1 March 2023 at the Hotel Brianteo and Cascina Camilla.
The DMA International directing team has created a quick and captivating video to tell the Adobe Bootcamp in seconds.

DMA International, the choice of the best companies when it comes to advertising, corporate videos, commercials and documentaries.

Adobe renews its trust in DMA International for the production of a video dedicated to the Adobe Roadshow 2023 Italy.

A DMA International directing team on location during each event to film Adobe’s Italian Experience Makers on Tour. The result is a fast paced and passionate video.
DMA International, your trusted partner for your advertisement, documentaries, events, anywhere in the world.

Florence April 17th
Padua 18 April
Milan 19 April
Rome April 20th

In every city
1 Digital Trends Report Keynote
5 Adobe Sessions
1 round table with Customer Testimonials

16 Adobe speakers
9 Customer Testimonials
+700 registered participants


DMA International produces a documentary for Duplomatic MS of the Daikin group

The DMA International production team conceived and developed a prestigious 30-minute documentary with the collaboration of the actress Manuela Sestito and a Milanese musical quartet. The documentary, made on location at the Duplomatic MS offices, was filmed over 3 days, with the collaboration of the company management and was produced in Italian and English.

Duplomatic MS is told in the 30-minute documentary, through interviews and stories edited by

Roberto Maddalon, Paolo Leutenegger, Elena Bonenti, Cinzia Carta, Michele Masetti, Yuya Kimura, Takayuki Imamura (Daikin), Claudio Gazzaniga, Daigo Higashi (Daikin), Nicholas Scazzosi, Riccardo Cardani, Marimo Suzuki (Daikin) and Giancarlo Scagliotti, as well as Luis Felipe Linares, Fabrizio Bonaguro, Marco Amboldi and Stefano Fenzio from the Operations team of the Parabiago plant.

The video production, made by DMA International on behalf of Duplomatic MS, was directed by Davide Galimberti, was made on location at the headquarters and Italian offices of Duplomatic MS.

A quartet of Milanese music professors was involved for the occasion: Giuseppe Dinardo, flute; Letizia Oddi, Violin; Rossella Serino, Viola; Francesca Gatto, Violonello, who performed pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Makeup artist Alessia Motti

The documentary represents an innovative communication product, a corporate video monograph, able to tell in half an hour of video the story and the results achieved by Duplomatic MS from its foundation year to today, through the words of the protagonists. The documentary is built around the story of a young journalist, played by the actress Manuela Sestito, who, leafing through a book discovered out of curiosity, enters the world of Duplomatic MS and discovers its many characteristics and production areas. Duplomatic MS, a leading company in Motion Solutions, is established worldwide for its innovative production and for its ability to present itself nationally and internationally.

“The story of Duplomatic MS was born in 1952 and it is a story of men, even more than pioneers, who had a visionary idea and who knew how to act in a concrete way. The courage to believe and support an innovative path has led a local company to become a large international company, a leader in hydraulics and motion control solutions. One of these pioneers was Angelo Girola, who devised an innovative device for the automation of machine tools: the hydraulic copier. Another of these pioneers is Roberto Maddalon, who has accompanied Duplomatic since 1996 on a path of formidable growth, thanks to his vision of a global group.” This is how the documentary made by Duplomatic in 2023 narrates, an innovative and once again pioneering choice, to tell the story of the company’s growth path.

DMA International, winner of the Media Innovator Awards, delivers unique corporate documentaries

United Kingdom, 2023 – Corporate Vision magazine shares the 2022 winners of the Media Innovator Awards. DMA International is proud to announce it is winner of the Media Innovator Awards – Europe, as Best Corporate Film Production Studio – Italy.

“We are very proud to receive today this important award in recognition to our hard work and satisfaction of all our clients” declared Davide Manfredi, Managing Partner of DMA International.

“Our company has a unique style in developing successful Corporate Documentaries, Advertisements and Videos. Differently from agencies or video production companies, we bring motion picture quality inside companies and they benefit from this quality with unique productions that capture the attention of wide audiences. Our marketing department studies the geographical areas our clients want to develop and we develop a targeted video production that touches the language and emotions of that specific area. Then, we have professional motion picture screenwriters that develop a unique story around our clients. Finally, our directors shoot the video and whether it is a Corporate Documentary, a TV ad or a Corporate video, we bring to life an original and enticing story, that will make our clients be remembered for years to come.”

In the words of Corporate visione magazine, “The media industry is made up of many platforms and formats that give us the ability to communicate and stay informed on a global scale. Media is enthralling and mesmerising for many reasons, and the businesses featured in this awards programme have truly charmed their audiences.

As media plays such an important and pivotal role in society, it is important to recognise those doing a stellar job within this realm. Here we unveil our 2022 winners, in all their glory, as they altar the course of the media industry.

Awards Coordinator, Stephanie Tooby, comments, “We are honoured to have had the opportunity to connect with our winners. Not only have they put in the extra work to be the best in their respective areas, but they have kept the very lifeblood of the industry flowing throughout some trying times. Congratulations!””

About Corporate Vision magazine, a publication under AI Global Media – Corporate Vision is published monthly with the mission to deliver insightful features from across the global corporate world. Launched with an eye towards bettering business practices across the board, Corporate Vision focuses on spotlighting advances in the HR, marketing, coaching, and recruitment spheres, with the goal to shine a light on the gatekeepers of better business. Those that help build, through no small amount of creativity and expertise, to develop an altogether more productive and more efficient world of work.

Corporate Vision is bought to you by AI Global Media, a B2B digital publishing group founded in 2010. The group currently has 14 brands within its portfolio that include luxury lifestyle, construction, healthcare, and small business focused publications. AI Global Media is dedicated to delivering content you can trust.

DMA International, global leader in corporate documentaries

DMA International, the motion picture production company headquartered in Italy and with operations worldwide, is a global leader in the production of Corporate Documentaries. Wherever your company is based in the world, we have a team that can bring to life an exceptional video dedicated to your people and your company.
DMA International is considered a global leader for its peculiar approach to Corporate Documentaries, awarded by many magazines and associations, appreciated by audiences and companies. DMA International’s approach to documentaries combines three unique features:
1. Your Corporate Documentary is developed and written by a professional motion picture screenplay author (agencies and video production companies do not have these resources)
2. Your Corporate Documentary is shot with state-of-the-art portable equipment by motion picture wise Directors and Photography directors
3. Your Corporate Documentary is edited by motion picture professionals with specific expertise in corporate marketing & advertisement

The result is a winning Corporate Documentary that tells your story, the story of your people and of your company, with a unique originality and cut, capable of involving large audiences.

Today, a Corporate Documentary is a versatile marketing instrument that you can use for years to come with existing clients and prospects to assess the value and vision of your company, the uniqueness of your products and services, through many means of communication such as Online, during Exhibitions, Events, Client meetings.
Similarly to a printed monograph dedicated to your company, today the Corporate Documentary is the most effective instrument to convey detailed information about your company, qualify your products and services, reach a wide audience in a few minutes.
A Corporate Documentary is a concentrate of information about your company, extremely effective for your Marketing and Sales departments.

DMA International is your trusted partner for developing a unique and involving Corporate Documentary.

DMA International awarded as Best International Film Production Studio – Italy

DMA International is proud to announce that the magazine EU Business News has nominated us Best International Film Production Studio at the European Enterprise Awards 2022.

As the award states: “DMA International is recognized as one of the most innovative and flexible European production companies to launch or expand brands and products, develop original documentaries and film productions capable of conquering the market. The company is based in Milan, Italy and operations are worldwide.”

DMA International is a motion picture production studio that produces Films and TV Series, Documentaries, Commercials, Corporate Videos and Commercial Videos.

All the staff at DMA International is grateful to EU Business News and proud to receive the award.
EU Business News aims to provide a thorough overview of the world of European business – companies that are driving best practice, and exceeding every expectation, to find out how they are achieving extraordinary success. EU Business News is part of AI Global Media. The group and all its publications are proud members of CPD, an independent accreditation centre working across all sectors and disciplines, estabilished in 1996.

Contact now DMA International and launch your company and brands in the European Union.

DMA International produces the company video dedicated to Duplomatic’s Industrial Applications. Hydraulics, Mechatronics and Electromechanical solutions for the Motion Control.

DMA International produced the video dedicated to the industrial division of Duplomatic MS, developing solutions for the motion control. Duplomatic MS is a global engineering and technology group, offering a variety of Hydraulic, Mechatronic and Electromecanic solutions for motion control since 1952.
Duplomatic MS offers state of the art production processes and design of systems & components used on a wide range of Industrial Applications.

The Duplomatic Industrial Applications video wanted to highlight Duplomatic’s excellence in the Industrial Sector. The video displays Duplomatic’s production plants at a particularly fast pace, using Industrial Applications as the fulcrum of the narrative. Therefore, the video shows four different locations (Parabiago, Lainate, Padua and Rosta), focusing the viewer’s attention on Duplomatic’s production competence in the Industrial sector, both for series productions and in designing and manufacturing custom-made systems. The video highlights Duplomatic’s worldwide production excellence, through the words of it’s managers in a short, effective video, useful for trade fairs and as a video business card introducing the company to customers.

The Industrial sectors involved are Industrial Machinery, Power Generation, Lubrication, Railway, Marine, Oil & Gas, Test rigs.

DMA International, specialized in commercials and TV spots for companies that want to position themselves as market leaders in one or more European markets

The winning formula in market leadership is 1. having the right product or service and 2. reaching the right target and talking their language. The first is up to you. The second is ours.
DMA International is not just an agency specialised in commercials and TV spots. We are much more. DMA International is a motion film production company who gives your company an added value: our technical competence and writing skills.

Our spots are written by experienced film authors, capable of delivering the right message to the right audience. Our scenes are shot by experienced film directors who deliver the message through memorable and innovative stories.

We take care of the production process in all its phases, from the development of the idea to the storyboard, from the creation of a unique screenplay to the technical realization, up to the media planning. Extensive expertise allows us to follow our customers, whether they have already produced commercials in the past or are facing this challenge for the first time, ensuring market leadership.

Whether you are looking for a TV spot, an Online commercial or an Infomercial, DMA International is the right partner for your business. Be it Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain or any other EU country as a single or all together, let’s start your new endeavour now.

Photo by Chanaka

DMA International produces the new Corporate video of Hydreco Hydraulics

DMA International produces the new Corporate video of Hydreco Hydraulics. Shot on location in Italy, the video features Roberto Maddalon, CEO Duplomatic MS; Yuya Kimura, Vice President Duplomatic MS; Andrew Riches, General Manager Australia, Hydreco Hydraulics; Sara Bernardelli, Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager Duplomatic MS. The video introduces Hydreco Hydraulics’ global activity and long heritage in design, manufacture and distribution of products for the transport and mobile hydraulics sector.
DMA International director and production staff are proud to contribute to the Duplomatic Corporate communication and give all viewers an unparalleled video experience.

Hydreco Hydraulics, based in Poole, UK, was acquired in 2019 by the Duplomatic MS Group, of Parabiago (Milan, Italy). The Group has a turnover of 147 million euros and over 650 employees. Hydreco Hydraulics has a long and significant heritage in the world of hydraulic components: for over a hundred years it has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing products for the transport and mobile hydraulics sector: with offices and plants in Italy, Norway, Germany, USA, India, and Australia, Hydreco has a worldwide production and sales network.

DMA International, based in Milan, Italy, develops and produces corporate videos, Tv spots and films for companies all over the world, ensuring film quality productions and in-house, dedicated screenwriters, for a winning video communication.

DMA International awarded best production company in Italy for TV commercials and corporate videos

DMA International was awarded by Expo Magazine as best production company in Italy for TV commercials and corporate videos for creativity and innovation.

DMA International makes use of professional authors and screenwriters from the world of cinema for the creation of commercials, ensuring customers innovative ideas and impeccable video narration.

The idea of using authors from the world of cinema allows DMA International to offer a higher quality service than the traditional communication and creative agency, thanks to the technical and narrative experience of our authors.

DMA International is the ideal partner for companies that want to develop highly effective advertising spots, capable of engaging a wide audience and being remembered over time.

Contact us for your new video communication project in Italy

Photo by CoWomen for Pexels