Practical course in screenwriting for feature films and TV series, advertisement, documentaries, with a renowned international author as teacher.
5 lessons, 2 hours each (participants can interact directly with the teacher for personalised questions).
The course is Online.
Fee: US$ 700.00
Duration: one week, two hours per day
Course dates:
Option A: 12-16 September 2022. Starts at 10AM, Eastern Time
Option B: 10-14 October 2022. Starts at 10AM, Eastern Time
Option C: 7-11 November 2022. Starts at 10AM, Eastern Time
Please note: given the significant number of registrations, please confirm your registration as soon as possible.

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Essential Information
The course is suitable for both beginners and those who already have scriptwriting experience. The screenplay course is a complete and exhaustive course on film screenwriting, both from a theoretical and a practical point of view, led exclusively by a professional author and screenwriter (not a teacher but an active author operating on the film market) with a writing experience for international productions. The aim of the course is to provide the operational tools to create and manage a screenplay, and approach a film production. The course includes a teaching part and a part in which it is possible to ask direct questions or address specific topics . The course is in English language.

Topics of the course
– Writing for the film industry, the practical approach
– From idea to film
– Writing a screenplay from scratch
– Adapting the screenplay from an existing novel
– Feature film screenplays
– Series screenplays
– Documentary screenplay
– Advertisement screenplay
– The preliminary research
– The audience
– General layout of a screenplay
– Classical layout and advanced solutions for the screenplay
– Determining the technical structure of the screenplay
– The dramatic structure
– Scenography and screenplay
– The different phases of a screenplay
– The story arc
– Writing scenes
– Writing sequences
– The characters
– The use of archetips when developing characters
– The Hero’s Journey
– Development of the conflict
– Use of the flashback
– The dialogue
– Rhythm and audience
– Use of the secondary screen in the narration of the story
– Writing techniques
– Revision and optimization
– Resources for screenwriters
– Collaborative writing
– Screenwriting in the director’s perspective
– Screenwriting approach depending on the production country
– The screenplay doctor
– Screenplay and storyboard
– Screenplay and translation relation
– Screenplay formatting and production requirements
– Screenplay history
– Role of the screenplay author during the film’s production
– Budget, finance and screenplay agreements
– Legal and copyright issues
– Role of the screenplay author during executive production and production
– Unit screenwriting

Handouts, material, books
During the course, technical handouts and screenplays are provided. When reference texts are used for the screenplay exercises, participants are required to purchase them from major online bookstores (maximum 2 books).

Certificate of participation
At the end of the course an official certificate of participation is provided by the production company.

Where could this course take me?
The course is a must for anyone new to scriptwriting and for more experienced writers who wish to raise their scriptwriting to a professional level.
Participation in the course provides participants with the opportunity to easily interact with knowledge of the facts with national and international production companies, including our production partners and contacts.

Media Partner
This course by DMA International is supported by a number of media partners.

Registration and payment
To register you have to pay 50% of the course fee, while the remaining balance must be paid the day before the beginning of the course.
You can pay by clicking on this Paypal link: Don’t have Paypal? Don’t worry, write us to book your course and we’ll send you the invoice and credit card or transfer payment instructions.
Please note: given the significant number of registrations, please confirm your registration as soon as possible.
Participants must provide their name and contacts via e-mail. you will then receive confirmation of participation and invoice. The registration can be canceled up to 15 days before the date of the course, in this case you will be refunded, withholding an administrative cost of US$ 20.00.

The screenwriting course proposed by DMA International is one of the best available. It is practical, complete, revealing. Your teacher will be a well-know author that allows you to understand the unique, often untold, dynamics behind international productions. That kind of knowledge that raises the attention of actual producers and makes your screenplay a potential film.” Expo Magazine

A practical, honest, exceptional course. You will go through the most advanced and interesting screenplay writing techniques. Then you will throw everything away and begin learning and understanding what is a screenplay and how to become a professional in this business. An ideal course to the world of films and literature.”CulturesMag

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