DMA International develops innovative video products for organisations in the European Union.

Compliance Videos
DMA International develops the whole series of videos explaining employees corporate rules, strategies and compliance. These videos are developed with professional actors and are intended as a video-course for employees. The videos are specially designed to actively engage employees, approving each section of the video to move on to the next and certifying the employees’ participation.

The advantage of Compliance videos is greater control thanks to a single, fast and shared product, compared to manuals, newsletters, handbooks or other texts and a significant reduction in costs for the company, which in a single video product can satisfy several generations of employees.

Onboarding Videos
DMA International develops the whole series of onboarding videos, to explain the company rules, behavior and the company’s operations and mission to new employees. The videos are developed in strict accordance with the company’s legal and; HR and marketing departments and are a very effective tool for the company to train new employees in a short time and effectively.

Explainer videos
Our explainer video service can benefit your products and services.
All of our videos are in either in animated format or shot with actors. Voice over artists can cover virtually any language, translations are offered with the video.
Explainer videos can show a solution to a problem or simply promote one of your products or services. They are concise, can be uploaded to video sites such as YouTube, and can be embedded into your website or featured on landing pages.

“The ads by DMA International brand and sell. They are the best video producers you can get when it comes to market your products and services in the countries of the European Union.” Expo Magazine

Our ads brand and sell. The right video can literally change your business and take it to the next step. It’s time to work together and make it big.

European markets, whether single European countries or the European markets as a whole, are potentially enormous markets for your products and services.
DMA International helps you communicate to these markets exactly what you want to tell them. Notoriously, simply bringing into the European countries your communication strategy is ineffective. Because European countries have their own approach to communication and advertisement, in terms of images, language and emotions, and in terms of cultural approach. For this reason you need to develop a communication product that specifically targets these markets.
DMA International is there to help you market effectively your products and services in the countries of the European Union.
DMA International is the reliable partner for Multinationals and firms that want to penetrate European markets with effective video productions, TV spots, Infomercials.