DMA International, specialized in commercials and TV spots for companies that want to position themselves as market leaders in one or more European markets

The winning formula in market leadership is 1. having the right product or service and 2. reaching the right target and talking their language. The first is up to you. The second is ours.
DMA International is not just an agency specialised in commercials and TV spots. We are much more. DMA International is a motion film production company who gives your company an added value: our technical competence and writing skills.

Our spots are written by experienced film authors, capable of delivering the right message to the right audience. Our scenes are shot by experienced film directors who deliver the message through memorable and innovative stories.

We take care of the production process in all its phases, from the development of the idea to the storyboard, from the creation of a unique screenplay to the technical realization, up to the media planning. Extensive expertise allows us to follow our customers, whether they have already produced commercials in the past or are facing this challenge for the first time, ensuring market leadership.

Whether you are looking for a TV spot, an Online commercial or an Infomercial, DMA International is the right partner for your business. Be it Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain or any other EU country as a single or all together, let’s start your new endeavour now.

Photo by Chanaka