DMA International presents the new DMA Publishing division

DMA International announces the expansion of its video production activities with the new DMA Books division.
DMA Books, already a supplier of leading Italian and international publishing groups, becomes a division of DMA International from the 1st of January 2022.

DMA International, starting in January 2022, will be able to offer a 360° Communication and Marketing service to its customers, from the creation of the printed product to the creation of the video product.

Graphic Designers, Editorial Technicians, Offset and Digital Printing Machines allow DMA International to be exceptionally cost effective, as the many international publishers as well as small businesses and multinationals relying on our video and publishing services testify.

DMA International aims to expand its business on the Italian market, supporting the marketing of small businesses as well as multinationals.

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The Duplomatic MS group reinforces the Hydraulic Systems Business Unit and prepares the new video spot

The Duplomatic MS group is preparing the new video production, created by DMA International, to present the recent expansion of the Hydraulic Systems Business Unit. The video will be broadcast on the Italian market (version in Italian) and on the global market (version in English).

Roberto Maddalon, Roberto Renzini, Massimo Ripamonti and Carlo Vergano will participate in the video production with an interview, explaining the recent acquisition and expansion of the Hydraulic Systems Business Unit.

The video is made on the occasion of the incorporation of the subsidiary Tecnologie Industriali Srl, based in Padua.

Thanks to this operation, Duplomatic’s Hydraulic Systems BU now becomes one of the main Italian players in the design and production of customized systems, featuring two production sites: one in Lainate (Milan), of 3,200 square meters and one in Padua, of 2,500 square meters, which a total of 65 associates, including workers, engineers and designers, application technicians and skilled personnel for after-sales assistance and commissioning. The Padua plant was recently renovated and modernized to meet the highest standards of quality, organization and efficiency and will therefore continue to be operational and oversee the territory and customer service, working in close synergy with the headquarters of Lainate.

“The Duplomatic Hydraulic Systems BU now enters a new dimension, and it is ready to take on the new challenges of the future. I am convinced that “getting together” in a complex period like the one we are experiencing is a strong signal as it highlights our precise will to become an organization of excellence in the design and implementation of complex solutions for motion control and industrial automation “, commented Roberto Renzini, Director of the Hydraulic Systems BU at Duplomatic.

The video was shot by DMA International in November 2021 at the Duplomatic MS offices in Lainate and Padua, Italy, and will be presented to the public in December 2021.

Duplomatic Group – Headquarters in Parabiago (Milan, Italy), designs and manufactures technology solutions for motion control in multiple sectors.
It operates on the market with three brands: Duplomatic Motion Solutions for industrial applications, Hydreco for mobile applications and Continental Hydraulics for industrial applications in North America. The group is present internationally, with its own production plants in the United States, China, India, Australia, Italy, Great Britain, and commercial offices worldwide.
Press info: Sara Bernardelli,

Video marketing in the EU countries

Video marketing is a part of marketing that inherits the rules of traditional marketing and adds new possibilities to bring your products or services closer to the tastes of the public and to intercept potential customers. Video marketing is therefore the set of rules, techniques and communication strategies related to video content.

In an increasingly fast and competitive society, video has the great advantage – if done well – of communicating your products or services to the public quickly and effectively stimulating the audience of the video to use these products or services.

But what do we mean by ‘a good’ video marketing? The answer to this question is very important especially considering that with today’s technologies there is a huge offer of more or less specialized videomakers, filmmakers and video production companies.

In fact, making an effective video can literally determine the success or failure of a product or service.

A correct video marketing strategy requires 1. adequate technology; 2. technical competence on the part of the video crew; 3. communicative competence on the part of the authors. But let’s see these aspects in more detail.

(1. Technology) Today the wide availability of video technology, equipment and software allows not only production companies but even a private individuals to produce a video. But this solution often proves disastrous because it is not so much the image quality that is important, albeit indispensable, but above all it is necessary to focus on shooting techniques functional to the marketing message that you want to bring to the public (technical competence) and even more to focus on the ability to communicate through images (communicative competence) to your audience. In fact, the ultimate goal is to persuade the public that your product or service is indispensable and urgent, and that the competition is unable to offer adequate solutions.

(2. Technical competence) For this reason a good video marketing requires the presence of a director and a screenwriter. The first, the director, has the technical expertise to use and exploit video techniques to the advantage of the product or service, showing their indispensability, the urgency of purchasing and their superiority over the competition. It will seem surprising but the use of a specific shooting angle or a particular use of lights determines a substantial difference in the final result. In fact, the audience will receive a specific message, only with the use of angles, sequences and lights.

(3. Communication competence:) However, images are not enough in a good video marketing. Everything is in the message that is communicated through verbal language (the words accompanying the video), non-verbal language (the shots, the use of the screen and the sequence of scenes) and the construction of the advertising story (idea, storytelling, variations on the logical evolution of a story). All of this can only be developed by a professional screenwriter, able to persuade the audience with a controlled use of the language.

The end result, whether it’s a TV commercial or a Social video, is an effective video, which touches the right emotions of the audience, and leaves the viewer with the impression that they have observed a solid product or service, with a defined identity (brand), indispensable, one of a kind.

The costs of a good video marketing do not have to be ambitious but can, on the contrary, be reasonably low. However, technologies, technical skills and communication skills of the team making the video are absolutely essential and make a clear difference, ensuring a winning product or service. All this is even more true when you plan to market your products, services or brand in national markets who need to understand and appreciate your products or services through their own language (see more about this here).

Marketing a Business in Italy

The transition of a business to international operations requires a careful planning of costs, procedures and resources. Despite appearances, one of te very first moves is actually cultural in the sense that it is necessary to assess your product or services fit the inclinations and idiosyncrasies of a nation. A company needs to ‘culturalise’ their business if they want to achieve results in the country they are planning to expand. At this stage effective marketing means understanding the population of a country, their social approach to products and services, what is considered convincing and how to touch their sensibility and practices in order to develop a feeling of necessity around your products and services.

These considerations are particularly true for a country like Italy. Over 60 millions of educated, well-informed and discerning citizens. Italy is the eighth economic power in the world (International Monetary Fund data) and if the country boasts a high public debt, just as much true that private debt is extremely low, Italians are famous for the consistency of private savings and home property. Italy, all considered, is a stable country. Despite the criticism at its volatile politics and legislation, the country is fundamental for the European Union being its third biggest economic contributor after Germany and France and before all the other EU countries. Additionally, Italy is pacing forward within the rules and boundaries set by the European Union. While the Eu strongly needs Italy, the country strongly adheres to the EU as it demonstrated in all its history (don’t forget Italy is one of the few founding partners of the EU). The result is a country moving towards the future yes slowly but yes also constantly.

The Italian population is all considered rich, has property and buys products and services. However they are very discerning and have a particular approach and sensitivity that requires an appropriate marketing.

Marketing your business in Italy is difficult but the results if you succeed are worth the work and promising . Italy may grow and become more heterogeneous, but the foundations of its culture rarely budges for anything: their sensitivity, practices, traditions, humour, discourses, tastes are essentially unchanging and stubbornly unaccommodating. Therefore, the identity of your product or service needs to seamlessly fashion itself upon a nation.

Don’t expect your marketing strategy will apply just as well in Italy. Don’t expect translation will simply work. Italy is a strong western democracy, it looks favourably and with respect towards english-speaking countries, but they will not receive positively your products and services unless you play their rules and you talk their language. Understanding this can make or break your business.

These considerations are true also for those businesses that sell themselves out of necessity or innovation. Yes, they will find a vast market in Italy and certainly succeed but so many times we’ve seen – including famous brands – enormous margins of improvement lost ore gone unseen only because of an inappropriate marketing and communication.

The power of images and even more so of video is enormous in Italy, after all this is the country that invented the use of images and colours, dating back to the Roman Empire and all the way up to Giotto in the 1300’s and Fellini in the 1900’s.

DMA International’s value are our screenplay authors. They are professional authors coming form the film, news and publishing industries with an extensive knowledge and experience in turning your product, service and brand into something that has appeal to the Italian audience, touching exactly the right cords.

Technology, when brands need to inspire and set themselves apart from the competition

Technology companies need a relevant and compelling messaging in each market they target, while staying true to their brand. Fast and effective video commercials for all platforms are often critical for technology companies and may determine their success. DMA International understands your goals and is proactive in making recommendations for improvements and suggesting opportunities. Our video campaigns will resonate with your audience and drive results across Europe.

DMA International understands that you need to engage a wide range of stakeholders, with varying degrees of experience, present complex information in an accessible and inspiring way and set yourself apart from the competition. We understand the challenges around terminology, cultural relevance and achieving scale and we know they are essential to succeed internationally.

From initial brand awareness to final purchase, its essential to inspire customers and, of course, this experience must be localised for every country you’re targeting.

DMA international works with professional screenplay authors that come from the film and publishing industries. Our authors have a superior ability to understand the marketing requirements of our clients and convey their products and services to a national audience using the rules and nuances of the language of each country. We operate in every EU country and we aim at the international growth and success of our clients.

Travel brands are selling an experience and need to convey convincingly to the customer this experience

From initial brand awareness to final purchase, its essential to engage, inspire and amuse potential customers through innovative content, a convincing language and a clear message, whatever the channel or device. And of course, this experience must be localised for every country you’re targeting because when we talk of personal and emotional experience, we need to talk a very personal language, capable of touching the desires and motivating customers.

This language differs for each country since it involves practices, habits and traditions of each country. DMA International understands the requirements of our tourism and hospitality clients and understands just as much the expectations of customers in each European country.

DMA international works with professional screenplay authors that come from the film and publishing industries. Our authors have a superior ability to understand the marketing requirements of our clients and convey their products and services to a national audience using the rules and nuances of the language of each country. We operate in every EU country and we aim at the international growth and success of our clients.

Automotive and transportation, when video communication becomes critical to success

Automotive and transportation are sectors that rely critically on the quality and effectiveness of their communication. Video commercials and a unified storytelling for all platforms from television to the Online are critical to their sales numbers. Communication in these sectors is paramount and control over costs has become fundamental in the recent years.

This is why DMA International works with state-of-the-art technologies and directors, capable of delivering exceptional video commercials at considerably lower costs than older and traditional communication agencies.

Our added value is the use of professional screenplay authors that come from the film and publishing industries. Our authors have a superior ability to understand the marketing requirements of our clients in the automotive and transportation sectors and convey their products and services to a wide audience using the rules and nuances of the language of each country. We operate in every EU country and we aim at the international growth and success of our clients.

Manufacturers in niche sectors often need to include a careful video production planning in their marketing strategy

Manufacturers in niche sectors often have low awareness and client volumes around their products. They also must deal with the challenges of localising technical content accurately, and creating engaging and compelling content that informs, educates and persuades different audiences in different countries.
The manufacturing sector has double digit opportunities for growth across international markets but needs a carefully crafted video communication and a seamless execution to achieve its goals.
Too often we see the necessity for this sector to understand and develop an appropriate video communication and too often we see that the few who take this road eventually lead the market.

DMA International provides the expertise required to help niche manufacturers grow their business in multiple European markets. DMA International not only provides the flexible and innovative approaches to enable clients to meet their demanding goals. DMA International understands the needs of the brands and conveys them into the language of the European countries with state-of-the-art video commercials for all platforms, from television to Online to screen. We keep our costs low because we understand that marketing is acritical investment for our clients and we like to develop long-term collaborations.
Our added value is the use of professional screenplay authors that come from the film and publishing industries. Our authors have a superior ability to understand the marketing requirements of our clients and convey their products and services to a wide audience using the rules and nuances of the language of each country.

We aim at the international growth and success of our clients.

Italy 2022 is a growing market worth consideration for businesses

Italy is the third largest economy of the European Union, immediately after Germany and France and considerably larger than all the other 25 European countries. By comparison, Italy is a larger economy than Canada or Russia or India (all data by the IMF – International Monetary Fund) both by GDP (Gross domestic product) and by PPP (Purchasing Power Parity).

Additionally, starting in 2022 and for a number of years, Italy is benefiting from the largest economic investment in the whole union by the European Union as a result of the effects of the pandemic. Italy is benefiting from the greater economic investment in the whole union by the European Union as a result of the effects of the pandemic.

This added to an ambitious infrastructure and social development plan wanted by prime minister Mario Draghi (former president of the European Central Bank – BCE) is taking Italy towards a stable path of growth and development.

Italy’s population tops 60 million making this rich country a very popular market for businesses that intend to expand.

Selling your products and services in Italy opens fundamental opens fundamental opportunities for the future of your company. Italy is a vast B2C and B2B marketplace where to expand, both for small enterprises with niche products and services and for large multinationals.

The Italian population is a highly educated, informed and discerning market that requires an appropriate marketing and communication strategy. DMA International supports the marketing department and marketing managers of companies worldwide offering effective commercial video productions for all platforms.

Our added value is that we work with renowned screenplay authors that understand the company’s requirements and develop a video communication product that convey’s your message using a language aimed exactly at what you want, the Italian population.

The result are effective commercials and campaigns, carefully developed to help your products and services reach the tastes, practices and traditions of this country.

Are you ready to expand your marketing activity in the European Union?

Selling your products and services in the European Union (EU) is a fundamental decision that may determine the future of your company. Multinationals will find in the European Union a vast B2C and B2B marketplace where to expand, while small enterprises will find new business and income opportunities.
Expanding your activity in the European Union requires an appropriate marketing strategy. Considering the European Union simply as an extension of your marketing strategy and actions will damage considerably your activity and will cancel the benefits of entering this rich market.
Appropriate communication in the European Union is paramount. The European Union has a highly educated population of 447 million a vast potential market for your services and products. Tis market however, has its rules and is very well informed and discerning when choosing a product or a service.

This is why at DMA International we ensure first class screenplay authors when working with marketing managers and marketing departments that aim at expansion in the European Union. Developing an effective commercial in any of or all of the European Union’s countries requires talking with images and words to the EU’s population with a language they can understand, the touches the right chords and is convinces your products and services are the best available.

Innovative technology is not sufficient in an educated economic area, you need professional screenplay authors, able to convey your message and convince the vast EU’s population that they can rely on your products and services. That’s exactly what we have at DMA International: the right screenplay authors that help your marketing become effective and profitable.

Let’s look at some essential data regarding the European Union.

The European Union is the third largest market in the world by GDP and one of the most solid economies in the world.
Population 447 million
The EU is the third largest economy in the world, after the United States and China, with well over 15 trillion US$ estimated GDP in 2020 and a significant growing rate starting in 2021 with the pandemic tamed. GDP is the Gross domestic product (GDP) is the market value of all final goods and services from a nation in a given year. The European Union is also the third largest economy by PPP (Purchasing Power Parity). The EU’s economies credit rating is AA for Standard&Poors, and AAA for Moody’s and Fitch, all with a stable outlook.

The economy of the European Union is the joint economy of the member states of the European Union (EU). The largest economies by GDP in the European Union are Germany, France and Italy. GDP by country estimated by the International Monetary fund (IMF):

4,319,286 (US$ million) in 2021

2,938,271 (US$ million) in 2021

2,106,287(US$ million) in 2021

The euro (€) is the second largest reserve currency and the second most traded currency in the world after the United States dollar. The euro is used by 19 of its 27 members, overall, it is the official currency in 25 countries, in the eurozone and in six other European countries, officially or de facto.

In conclusion, as the European Union is one of the three indispensable markets for a company, extending your marketing activity is this economic area is a fundamental move. DMA International is there to help you develop an appropriate communication through video commercials, storytelling and many more solutions based on images and videos.