DMA International produces the company video dedicated to Duplomatic’s Industrial Applications. Hydraulics, Mechatronics and Electromechanical solutions for the Motion Control.

DMA International produced the video dedicated to the industrial division of Duplomatic MS, developing solutions for the motion control. Duplomatic MS is a global engineering and technology group, offering a variety of Hydraulic, Mechatronic and Electromecanic solutions for motion control since 1952.
Duplomatic MS offers state of the art production processes and design of systems & components used on a wide range of Industrial Applications.

The Duplomatic Industrial Applications video wanted to highlight Duplomatic’s excellence in the Industrial Sector. The video displays Duplomatic’s production plants at a particularly fast pace, using Industrial Applications as the fulcrum of the narrative. Therefore, the video shows four different locations (Parabiago, Lainate, Padua and Rosta), focusing the viewer’s attention on Duplomatic’s production competence in the Industrial sector, both for series productions and in designing and manufacturing custom-made systems. The video highlights Duplomatic’s worldwide production excellence, through the words of it’s managers in a short, effective video, useful for trade fairs and as a video business card introducing the company to customers.

The Industrial sectors involved are Industrial Machinery, Power Generation, Lubrication, Railway, Marine, Oil & Gas, Test rigs.

DMA International, specialized in commercials and TV spots for companies that want to position themselves as market leaders in one or more European markets

The winning formula in market leadership is 1. having the right product or service and 2. reaching the right target and talking their language. The first is up to you. The second is ours.
DMA International is not just an agency specialised in commercials and TV spots. We are much more. DMA International is a motion film production company who gives your company an added value: our technical competence and writing skills.

Our spots are written by experienced film authors, capable of delivering the right message to the right audience. Our scenes are shot by experienced film directors who deliver the message through memorable and innovative stories.

We take care of the production process in all its phases, from the development of the idea to the storyboard, from the creation of a unique screenplay to the technical realization, up to the media planning. Extensive expertise allows us to follow our customers, whether they have already produced commercials in the past or are facing this challenge for the first time, ensuring market leadership.

Whether you are looking for a TV spot, an Online commercial or an Infomercial, DMA International is the right partner for your business. Be it Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain or any other EU country as a single or all together, let’s start your new endeavour now.

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DMA International produces the new Corporate video of Hydreco Hydraulics

DMA International produces the new Corporate video of Hydreco Hydraulics. Shot on location in Italy, the video features Roberto Maddalon, CEO Duplomatic MS; Yuya Kimura, Vice President Duplomatic MS; Andrew Riches, General Manager Australia, Hydreco Hydraulics; Sara Bernardelli, Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager Duplomatic MS. The video introduces Hydreco Hydraulics’ global activity and long heritage in design, manufacture and distribution of products for the transport and mobile hydraulics sector.
DMA International director and production staff are proud to contribute to the Duplomatic Corporate communication and give all viewers an unparalleled video experience.

Hydreco Hydraulics, based in Poole, UK, was acquired in 2019 by the Duplomatic MS Group, of Parabiago (Milan, Italy). The Group has a turnover of 147 million euros and over 650 employees. Hydreco Hydraulics has a long and significant heritage in the world of hydraulic components: for over a hundred years it has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing products for the transport and mobile hydraulics sector: with offices and plants in Italy, Norway, Germany, USA, India, and Australia, Hydreco has a worldwide production and sales network.

DMA International, based in Milan, Italy, develops and produces corporate videos, Tv spots and films for companies all over the world, ensuring film quality productions and in-house, dedicated screenwriters, for a winning video communication.

DMA International awarded best production company in Italy for TV commercials and corporate videos

DMA International was awarded by Expo Magazine as best production company in Italy for TV commercials and corporate videos for creativity and innovation.

DMA International makes use of professional authors and screenwriters from the world of cinema for the creation of commercials, ensuring customers innovative ideas and impeccable video narration.

The idea of using authors from the world of cinema allows DMA International to offer a higher quality service than the traditional communication and creative agency, thanks to the technical and narrative experience of our authors.

DMA International is the ideal partner for companies that want to develop highly effective advertising spots, capable of engaging a wide audience and being remembered over time.

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DMA International produces the Adobe Experience Makers video of the Bootcamp Italy

DMA International shot the video and the interviews to Adobe management in the beautiful setting of the Palace Grand Hotel Varese on July 12 and 13. The video is introduced by aerial images of the hotel and the nearby lake, images of the Bootcamp and interviews to the participants.
DMA International director used portable cameras and light equipment as well as a drone to obtain a unique combination of images which tells the story of the Adobe Experience Makers Bootcamp in a emotional video of 2.30 minutes.

DMA International, your film production service in Italy for films, commercials and documentaries

DMA International is a leading film production services company based in Italy known for our reliability, problem solving attitude and cost-effectiveness. We are based in Milan and work all over the country.

Our experienced staff can ensure that the entire filmmaking process runs smoothly and can help with everything you need through all three phases of production. Our services are fully customizable and we adapt to the needs of every client and project in all phases of your project.

Pre-production phase DMA International has a team of experienced professionals with a range of backgrounds who can handle every aspect of the pre-production process, from concept creation and storyboarding to securing equipment with top equipment rental houses, permit applications and location scouting.

Production phase DMA International has skilled camera operators, cinematographers, videographers and production assistants. Access to the best camera, sound and lighting technology at the most cost-effectives prices makes DMA International your est filming partner.

Editing DMA International has an array of experienced editors, visual effects artists and sound designers using the most advanced editing tools. Our all Italian creativity and problem solving attitude in every phase of the film’s production makes the difference.

Italy is a flawless location for shooting a film and we know the best, jaw-dropping places all over the country where to shoot films, commercials and documentaries.

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DMA International develops and produces the video dedicated to the Daikin-Duplomatic merger

On June 30th, 2022 Daikin Industries, Ltd. has obtained all shares of Duplomatic MS Spa, and it has completed its acquisition.
Through this transaction, Daikin will have an extensive product lineup, robust engineering capabilities for hydraulic systems and a strong business foundation in Europe. Together with Daikin hybrid system technologies, the aim is to offer to the market high tech solutions to reduce environmental load.

DMA International developed and produced the video dedicated to this event. The video will be broadcast on the global market.
The shooting of the video, which took place on 1 July 2022, saw the participation of Roberto Maddalon, CEO Duplomatic MS; Paolo Leutenegger, General Manager Duplomatic MS; Tooru Ohtani, GM of Oil Hydraulics Division, Daikin Industries; Takayuki Imamura, Senior Manager of Global sales, Oil Hydraulics Division, Daikin Industries; Yuya “Kenny” Kimura, VP, Duplomatic MS; Kiminori Yoshida, Manager of planning dept., Oil Hydraulics Division, Daikin Industries; Katie McColl, CEO Hydreco Hydraulics.

You are a Start up and you need to market your project? Step up your Start up, the new marketing program for Start ups by DMA International. You start with only one third of your marketing costs

At DMA International we know how much it matters to market your brand, products and services. Marketing begins very early and is fundamental to a Start up because 1. it lets the world know about you and your products and services, 2. it helps attract more investors. However, marketing costs are often a headache for a Start up.

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DMA International announces the innovative Screenwriting workshop

DMA International is a film production company working with premier screenplay authors and offering workshops in Screenwriting.

Our innovative Screenwriting workshops are designed for a new generation of storytellers. With an unrivaled approach to hands-on, interactive learning, participants find themselves completely immersed in Screenwriting from day one. Classes are taught by an industry professional. The aim of the course is to provide the operational tools to create and manage a screenplay, and approach a film production. The course includes a teaching part and a part in which it is possible to ask direct questions or address specific topics . The course is in English language and it is Online.

Attending DMA International screenwriting course will give you a solid base to deal with the film industry.

For more information and to submit your request

The screenwriting course proposed by DMA International is one of the best available. It is practical, complete, revealing. Your teacher will be a well-know author that allows you to understand the unique, often untold, dynamics behind international productions. That kind of knowledge that raises the attention of actual producers and makes your screenplay a potential film.” Expo Magazine

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DMA International believes in diversity and inclusion

At DMA International we believe in the power of engaging many different perspectives. In all our activities we strive to create an inclusive environment that brings the potential of diversity to life.
Our mission is inclusive beyond question, we encourage everyone—no matter what the level, role or function is—to play an active role in creating environments where people of a diverse range of backgrounds are excited and committed to bring all of their experience, creativity, innovation into the production of Corporate videos and Feature films.

Diversity and inclusion is a core value at DMA International.

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