DMA International, your film production service in Italy for films, commercials and documentaries

DMA International is a leading film production services company based in Italy known for our reliability, problem solving attitude and cost-effectiveness. We are based in Milan and work all over the country.

Our experienced staff can ensure that the entire filmmaking process runs smoothly and can help with everything you need through all three phases of production. Our services are fully customizable and we adapt to the needs of every client and project in all phases of your project.

Pre-production phase DMA International has a team of experienced professionals with a range of backgrounds who can handle every aspect of the pre-production process, from concept creation and storyboarding to securing equipment with top equipment rental houses, permit applications and location scouting.

Production phase DMA International has skilled camera operators, cinematographers, videographers and production assistants. Access to the best camera, sound and lighting technology at the most cost-effectives prices makes DMA International your est filming partner.

Editing DMA International has an array of experienced editors, visual effects artists and sound designers using the most advanced editing tools. Our all Italian creativity and problem solving attitude in every phase of the film’s production makes the difference.

Italy is a flawless location for shooting a film and we know the best, jaw-dropping places all over the country where to shoot films, commercials and documentaries.

Photo by Una Laurencic