You are a Start up and you need to market your project? Step up your Start up, the new marketing program for Start ups by DMA International. You start with only one third of your marketing costs

At DMA International we know how much it matters to market your brand, products and services. Marketing begins very early and is fundamental to a Start up because 1. it lets the world know about you and your products and services, 2. it helps attract more investors. However, marketing costs are often a headache for a Start up.

DMA International steps in with a unique offer. We make you pay only one third of the marketing investment and give you six months for the second third and further six months to settle your last payment. Step up your Start up with your brand new marketing program at an affordable cost.

The offer is valid throughout the European countries and North America. Wherever you are based we can do the job. Our offer is valid for all video products (corporate video, product video, brand video, instructions video, advertisement and more) and for all printed products (brochures, books, manuals, paper products) through our partner DMA Books.

How does it work? Tell us about your marketing needs. We will develop together a marketing/communication plan. Once defined your needs we will apply our best quotation of the estimated cost. You’ll have to pay only one third of that.

Don’t worry for your location, you don’t need to develop your marketing with a company in your neighbourhood. DMA International services satisfied clients all over the world, from small family businesses to large multinationals such as Microsoft.

Let’s get in contact and discuss your project.

Photo by Fox