Italy 2022 is a growing market worth consideration for businesses

Italy is the third largest economy of the European Union, immediately after Germany and France and considerably larger than all the other 25 European countries. By comparison, Italy is a larger economy than Canada or Russia or India (all data by the IMF – International Monetary Fund) both by GDP (Gross domestic product) and by PPP (Purchasing Power Parity).

Additionally, starting in 2022 and for a number of years, Italy is benefiting from the largest economic investment in the whole union by the European Union as a result of the effects of the pandemic. Italy is benefiting from the greater economic investment in the whole union by the European Union as a result of the effects of the pandemic.

This added to an ambitious infrastructure and social development plan wanted by prime minister Mario Draghi (former president of the European Central Bank – BCE) is taking Italy towards a stable path of growth and development.

Italy’s population tops 60 million making this rich country a very popular market for businesses that intend to expand.

Selling your products and services in Italy opens fundamental opens fundamental opportunities for the future of your company. Italy is a vast B2C and B2B marketplace where to expand, both for small enterprises with niche products and services and for large multinationals.

The Italian population is a highly educated, informed and discerning market that requires an appropriate marketing and communication strategy. DMA International supports the marketing department and marketing managers of companies worldwide offering effective commercial video productions for all platforms.

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