Manufacturers in niche sectors often need to include a careful video production planning in their marketing strategy

Manufacturers in niche sectors often have low awareness and client volumes around their products. They also must deal with the challenges of localising technical content accurately, and creating engaging and compelling content that informs, educates and persuades different audiences in different countries.
The manufacturing sector has double digit opportunities for growth across international markets but needs a carefully crafted video communication and a seamless execution to achieve its goals.
Too often we see the necessity for this sector to understand and develop an appropriate video communication and too often we see that the few who take this road eventually lead the market.

DMA International provides the expertise required to help niche manufacturers grow their business in multiple European markets. DMA International not only provides the flexible and innovative approaches to enable clients to meet their demanding goals. DMA International understands the needs of the brands and conveys them into the language of the European countries with state-of-the-art video commercials for all platforms, from television to Online to screen. We keep our costs low because we understand that marketing is acritical investment for our clients and we like to develop long-term collaborations.
Our added value is the use of professional screenplay authors that come from the film and publishing industries. Our authors have a superior ability to understand the marketing requirements of our clients and convey their products and services to a wide audience using the rules and nuances of the language of each country.

We aim at the international growth and success of our clients.