The Business Unit Hydraulic Systems, the new video produced by DMA International

DMA International produced for Duplomatic MS the new video of the Business Unit Hydraulic Systems.

Roberto Maddalon, Roberto Renzini, Massimo Ripamonti and Carlo Vergano explain the recent expansion of the Hydraulic Systems Business Unit, which now becomes one of the main Italian players in the design and production of customized systems, featuring two production sites: one in Lainate (Milan), of 3,200 square meters and one in Padua, of 2,500 square meters, which a total of 65 associates, including workers, engineers and designers, application technicians and skilled personnel for after-sales assistance and commissioning. The Padua plant was recently renovated and modernized to meet the highest standards of quality, organization and efficiency and will therefore continue to be operational and oversee the territory and customer service, working in close synergy with the headquarters of Lainate.

“The Duplomatic Hydraulic Systems BU now enters a new dimension, and it is ready to take on the new challenges of the future. I am convinced that “getting together” in a complex period like the one we are experiencing is a strong signal as it highlights our precise will to become an organization of excellence in the design and implementation of complex solutions for motion control and industrial automation “, commented Roberto Renzini, Director of the Hydraulic Systems BU at Duplomatic.