Filming in Italy, DMA International your competent and cost-effective production partner

Italy offers an incredible series of excellent locations. To make a film, a spot or a documentary in Italy you need a reliable, cost-effective, competent partner. DMA International, based in Milan, works all over Italy offering state of the art services.

DMA International has an extensive Italian team covering everything from location scouts to filming crew, from camera operators to assistant directors, light department, casting, legal, transportation. 

Location Scouting
We work with the film’s pre-production team to find the most suitable place to shoot. Based on the script and/or screenplay we work in coordination the direction of the film’s production unit to find an area that will bring the film to life.

We narrow down a filming location using different criteria that include our proprietary database of locations, aesthetic appeal, logistics, safety, timing and shooting permissions, bureaucracy, time zones, language barriers, accessibility, availability of electricity and water.

We help you save money and find unique locations.

Producing video content – whether it be a feature film, TV series, commercial, corporate video, music video, or documentary – starts in the pre-production stage and we know that every project is different. 
If necessary we can hep from the script/storyboard stage with renowned authors that can doctor your script or contribute to your script.
We have a broad database to get the right crew together for you. Top professionals and cost-effective.
Our scouts have a long standing expertise in finding the best locations in relation to your script and to your budget. Really incredible places throughout Italy, that can make your film unique.
Our team of financial experts can help you obtain the best from your budget. Our partner insurance companies step in to offer cost-effective services.
Local permits and agreements are managed by our legal team.

Film Production
Whether you need guidance in a certain element of production or support from start to finish, we can help. Our talented and passionate crew are experts in their fields and offer full-service video production. Our all Italian c creativity and adaptability often helped productions add that extra idea or value that made the film a success.
DMA International’s expertise extends to feature films, TV commercials, documentaries and music videos, including promotional videos, interviews, and travel/hotel videos, corporation videos and brand videos.

We treat each project as unique and we guarantee to offer a competitive price for high-quality film making.
If you’d like to talk about our pre-production services or any aspect of the filmmaking process our team of experts is on hand to offer advice and guidance. Contact us here.

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