DMA International produces the video dedicated to the “Innovation and Digital Transition” workshop with the participation of Speakers of Ansaldo Energia, Danieli Telerobot and BU Mechatronics, organized by the Duplomatic Group

DMA International developed the video production dedicated to the debate that took place in Parma, Italy, in May 2022, with prestigious speakers.

During the SPS IPC Drives 2022 show in Parma, Italy, Duplomatic Group organized a panel about Digital Transition and Innovation, featuring speakers from leading companies in the industry, including Ansaldo Energia.

The event “Human in OR out the loop? Governing the complexity of a sustainable digital transition“, organized by the Mechatronics Business Unit of Duplomatic MS, took place during SPS, the Automation and Digital Innovation Exposition in Parma, Italy.

The panel, moderated by the journalist Biagio Simonetta, Finanza e Digitale, Il Sole 24 Ore, was attended by Duplomatic CEO Roberto Maddalon and Ivano Lavina, Business Development Manager of the BU Mechatronics who, together with the guest speakers David Corsini – CEO of Danieli Telerobot, Giuseppe Marino – CEO of Ansaldo Energia, Andrea Ridi – Entrepreneur in the A.I. sector in the USA, have given life to a reflection about the role of technology at the service of the transformation of industry towards sustainability and the enhancement of the human factor.

The speakers emphasized how the widespread adoption of digital technologies and the development of Artificial Intelligence must be placed in a context of enhancement of the human factor in support of a production capable of having a positive impact on consumers and the environment.
The theme of sustainable development, according to the 2030 Agenda guidelines and the opportunities offered by the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan, was, in fact, the focus from which the discussion began: the speakers highlighted, from different points of view and business experiences, the importance of digital transformation as an enabling factor for production in which integration man-product-environment is strong, positive and constructive. Today, smart solutions, capable of communicating thanks to IoT protocols such as IO-Link, guarantee the availability of all the information necessary to make products more efficient and improve the user experience. “Discussion about these themes is fundamental. In these first 70 years of our history, in Duplomatic we have always focused on technological evolutions, developing solutions to improve industrial production from the point of view of performance, efficiency and certainly sustainability” said Roberto Maddalon, CEO of Duplomatic.

With the onset of Industry 4.0, the transformation of manufacturing implies a broad and structured metamorphosis of the concept of factory” said Giuseppe Marino, CEO of Ansaldo Energia. “This evolution cannot be separated from an enhancement of people and their skills. More and more new professional figures will be required, capable of responding to the needs of a new, digital and sustainable production “.

At SPS show, Duplomatic is also present with its own booth, where it exhibits electric and sustainable products for linear motion, as well as IO-Link Competence Center in Italy, in collaboration with the Profibus Profinet Consortium, for the training and development of a connected and smart manufacturing.