DMA International, fostering an open business culture

At DMA International we believe that talent and innovation are an essential ingredient for a successful organization, thus creating a company culture that attracts talents and innovation is essential.

At DMA international we have always believed in an open business culture that connects employees to each other, facilitates teams working together and ensures the visions and values of the organization are shared. Open business cultures encourage employees to share ideas, show up to work as their whole self, and have empathy with each other. We encourage open communication, feedback and discussion.

We embrace diversity because we think that winning teams trust each other and aren’t afraid to try something new. Diverse teams drive innovation and business success.

Business culture isn’t fruit bowls, beer fridges and football tables. These are surface-level perks, but if employees don’t feel valued, these benefits mean nothing and will do little to motivate people. Good business culture requires transparency, accountability, authenticity, inclusivity, generosity and empathy.

We believe that actions speak louder than words and establishing strong core values is the starting point for creating an open culture. Our core values are passion, creativity, knowledge, respect, trust and transparency. We are a company and we want to grow and make money, however we don’t believe that aiming at making money is the point. The point is creating exceptional videos that people will remember, the point is working with passion and satisfaction. Money is a consequence of this way of thinking.

This is DMA International.

Photo by fauxels from Pexels