DMA International produces the book trailer for the international top seller ‘High Leadership’ by William Henry Best

The renowned publication dedicated to success in business, is now available to all. ‘High Leadership’ started circulating a few years ago in private high-profile homes and gatherings that few top leaders had access to. Now finally published and available to a global audience, the book is one of a kind.

High Leadership is quite probably one of the best Leadership & Business books you can ever read, not only because it truly explains what is the essence of leadership and it does so in a manner that no other book does, but also because it is a practical pocket-guide, if any is possible, taking the reader to the understanding and practicing of Leadership. 

The Publisher declared: “High Leadership is a sort of super tool you should always carry at your belt. Anyone wishing to grow in business should carry a copy of this book wherever they go. You don’t get here the usual wise set of rules, you really begin to see the essence of it all, to build that understanding of leadership that eventually will help you make your own rules.”

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