Wedding films

We at DMA International believe that a wedding is a memorable moment that springs the unique energy of two individuals choosing to share their lives.

A film dedicated to your wedding, when appropriately planned and shot, can actually interpret and secure in time this uniqueness.

The couple is central to us. We listen to your story, understand your style and create a professional screenplay around you.

DMA International involves producers, screenplay authors and motion picture directors and cameraman for your special day. However, while a number of motion picture professionals is involved in your wedding, don’t worry, during the actual event you will not even notice them and everything will run smoothly and easy. Most of our activity happens days before the event so that only the essential crew is on set during the wedding day.

We talk with you and your wedding planner, we listen to your story and develop a motion picture screenplay dedicated to your wedding day. Our director of photography and crew visit the location of your wedding day before the event so that during your wedding you will have a limited crew of two professionals shooting discreetly your film.
The screenplay does the magic, the post-production makes it real for the future audiences of your wedding film and for you.

People will be definitely surprised by the prestige, the importance and the motion picture quality of your motion picture wedding, including the end titles with the names of the guests and the crew.

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