Gay weddings

DMA International introduces the ‘Motion Picture Wedding’ for Gay couples in Italy and France

It comes as no surprise: the wedding day is one of the most important, if not the single most important, day in a Gay couple’s life. When a couple is planning a luxury and romantic wedding they often think of Italy (for instance the countryside of Tuscany or Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Lucca) or France (Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, the Mediterranean coast cities and villages, La Provence in southern France). In these amazing locations a video of the event becomes paramount.

One of the most interesting and recent trends in Gay weddings is the ‘motion picture wedding’ introduced for the first time by the Italian motion picture studio DMA International and rapidly raising interest among couples and wedding planners. Originally trending among the wealthy couples, DMA International is now making this idea a little more affordable.

Quite simply, a motion picture wedding is a typical luxury wedding which involves for this special day a number of motion picture professionals: a screenplay author, a director and cameraman and a director of photography.

Most of the work is prepared before the wedding day so that the crew’s presence is not bothering during the actual event. DMA International considers the wedding location as a set and, based on the screenplay agreed with the client and the wedding planner, lights and shooting angles are defined in advance so that during the day of the event only a crew of two is discreetly on set.

Imagine that you have a real film author at the service of your wedding. The possibilities are limitless.

“It’s not that complicated, we tend to make it simple,” says one of the producers at DMA International, “we are used to the complexities of a film set, the use of lights, the choice and the alternative of shots. We simply coordinate with the wedding planner or the client and take out the best from their creativity in setting up the location. We change nothing, we simply bring out what exists. Our secret is using professional screenplay authors, who understand the location, the set, the protagonists and their entourage, and develop a dedicated screenplay that will make this day memorable in time.”

The additional value of a motion picture wedding is definitely having a screenplay author that talks with the couple and the wedding planner, that understands they style and their life and ultimately writes a personalised screenplay of their most important day: a story that tells things about the couple, not just a video report of the day. Then there’s the mastery and the creativity of the film production that brings this one-day story to life.

Having a personal motion picture production studio dedicated to your wedding seems to be the new trend when planning a luxury wedding. The enthusiasm often extends to guests when they receive the film and realize it looks like a miniature motion picture, complete with titles and closing credits listing their names among the cast and crew.

DMA International works for clients all over the world, because they appreciate the idea but also the Italian touch and style of the film production. However most of their weddings are shot in Italy and France.