DMA International produces the presentation video of Expo Dubai 2020

DMA International produced for Duplomatic MS the independent video introducing Expo Dubai 2020. The 9 minutes video will reach an audience of over 1.5 million viewers, introducing the international event, held in the United Arab Emirates.
The video sees the participation of bestselling novelist Davide Amante, violinist Camilla Sabbatini and luthier Stefano Bertoli.
Expo Dubai 2020 will be held from the the 1st of October 2021 to 31 March 2022 and the theme of the Expo is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

DMA International produces the Microsoft video in Milan ‘Microsoft has a passion for retail’

On May 17th 2019 Microsoft Advertising hosted its first Retail event in Milan in partnership with Microsoft Enterprise. Our speakers presented the most innovative Microsoft solutions (going from Cloud, to AI technologies, to digital advertising) available to retail clients, who face challenges keeping up to date with the digital transformation for both their physical stores and their e-commerce websites. Check out the video to take a glimpse of the event!

Screenplay & Production by DMA International for Microsoft.

DMA International produces the EF success story for Microsoft Advertising.

EF offers opportunities for international growth to people, both to students and to managers. Thanks to the ad hoc strategies proposed by Bing, EF has achieved excellent results with its online campaigns. Watch the video to discover more about Bing Ads success stories.

Planning, screenplay and production by DMA International for Microsoft.

DMA International produces the Microsoft Advertising Jobrapido video

Jobrapido (Italian platform to find new employment) tells how Bing Ads platform has been such a great tool to reach their audience, both Italian and International, who was looking for job opportunities. The Bing Ads features have been an important add to let them diversify the online presence of Jobrapido in helping them reaching their marketing goals.
English Subtitles version here

Planning, Screenplay & Production by DMA International for Microsoft.

DMA International produces the new book trailer for Lorenzo Altavista’s top selling ‘Love, instructions for use’

An incredibly complete and comprehensive guide dedicated to love and
romantic relationships, this is the book that introduces the Dynamic Love Theory, the revolutionary deconstruction-reconstruction process that leads to a change of state.
An ideal book for all those who want to understand the secrets of lasting
love and how to unlock all the potential in couple happiness.

This book reveals step by step how to obtain the best in love and romantic
relationships in terms of satisfaction, quality and durability. It explains the
phases of Discovery, Romance, Falling in love and Dynamic love and it
illustrates the difference with infatuation, seduction, fascination, attachment.

You will learn when it is necessary to protect yourself and when it is time
to let yourself go. You will discover what is your protective framework and
how to pursue and obtain happiness and maximum intensity throughout
the romantic relationship.

Click this link for more information on the book:

DMA International produces the book trailer for the international top seller ‘High Leadership’ by William Henry Best

The renowned publication dedicated to success in business, is now available to all. ‘High Leadership’ started circulating a few years ago in private high-profile homes and gatherings that few top leaders had access to. Now finally published and available to a global audience, the book is one of a kind.

High Leadership is quite probably one of the best Leadership & Business books you can ever read, not only because it truly explains what is the essence of leadership and it does so in a manner that no other book does, but also because it is a practical pocket-guide, if any is possible, taking the reader to the understanding and practicing of Leadership. 

The Publisher declared: “High Leadership is a sort of super tool you should always carry at your belt. Anyone wishing to grow in business should carry a copy of this book wherever they go. You don’t get here the usual wise set of rules, you really begin to see the essence of it all, to build that understanding of leadership that eventually will help you make your own rules.”

Click here to know more about the book:

DMA International produces the new book trailer of Davide Amante’s bestselling novel

Novelist Davide Amante commissioned DMA International to develop the book trailer for his best-selling novel ‘The Guardian of the Stars – Anais’s journey with the wind’.

‘Working with Davide Amante was very stimulating from a creative point of view and allowed us to produce a high quality book trailer, aligned with his beautiful novel, but above all innovative and out of the usual standards of book trailers. This production gave us a lot of satisfaction,’ said the director.

DMA International awarded the 2020 Best Luxury Video Production Company

United Kingdom, 2021– LUXlife magazine has announced the winners of the 2020 Global Excellence Awards.

The luxury industry is a multi-faceted leviathan. Whether it be the health, wellness, hospitality, design, fashion – or any number of other sectors – the industry is united under one pursuit. The pursuit towards perfection. While 2020 was a challenging year for all areas of business, the luxury industry was hit particularly hard. Yet, successes, achievements and growth are still apparent, despite the crippling nature of the global pandemic.

Luxury awards

What has become magnified over the last year is the grounding spirit that drives the luxury industry forward. Ultimately, businesses have been tested and their strengths have shone through. It’s with all of this in mind that we hosted the 2020 Global Excellence programme.

Commenting on the success of the award winners, awards coordinator Holly Morris said: “It is with great pride that I offer my congratulations to all of my deserving winners and wish them the very best as we move forward through 2021 and beyond.”

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